Selecting a great color scheme for your small space should be a wonderful opportunity for you to be bold and brave with your choices. Unlike bigger rooms that require a hefty investment when it comes paint and cost of labor, a small space requires the minimum. So if you want to be bold about your choices, go for it. Pick the color you love and be happy about it. Your painting company Vestavia will be there to help you make your dream room come to life!

In picking your color, approach your room and consider what effect and feel you always wanted to create. If you want your small space to look bigger, then go for colors with lighter shades will help best. On the other hand, if you want to bring a more cozy feel to your space, a richer and bit saturated hue color will do the trick. Another approach when selecting color is knowing your room’s main function. If you want your small space to be the place for breakfast and coffee, sunny colors are your best options. On the other hand, calming shades works best for small rooms that functions as bathrooms. After all, its always nice to relieve your stress in your bath with a calming atmosphere.

Small front halls could always use some lively bursts of great colors to bring a welcoming atmosphere. This is because a front hall is a an area where people just plainly pass through and not linger for too long. So if there is a place in your home you want to be playful with color, this is the right area. For taupe walls, for example, a bright red door adds just enough burst of color to the area. Then, for the trims and stairs, colors lighter than walls will help enhance any woodwork.

A small kitchen could also use some cheering up. After all, nobody should ever work in a kitchen that is dark and dull. So, to add more light into the room, experiment with colors that have lighter hues. You can then just add a hint of darker hues for accent. For your small eating area, yellow is always a fresh and very clean look. You can then use creamy hues to accentuate your comfortable seats.

On the other hand, if you want to have a more formal and traditional look for your small dining room, painting your walls crimson with a bit of custard hue on the seats would look great. However, formal and traditional may it seem, it can also bring a casual feel to the room. For any small room with very little natural lighting, deeper colors paired with incandescent lamps can make the room feel richer and comfy. For more choices of beautiful palettes appropriate for your small space, your painting company Vestavia can be your best partner.